Livestock is required to have distinct earmarks and brands which shall be recorded with the County Clerk in the county of which the livestock is located according to the Texas Agriculture Code, Sections 144.041-144.004.
The County Clerk is required to maintain a record of all livestock marks and brands.
$26.00 per brand or mark and $5.00 per additional location on the animal
Record all marks and brands every ten years with the county clerk beginning August 30, 2011.
The procedure for preserving Marks and Brands is: 1) the Mark and Brand will be electronically delivered to the Texas State Cattle Association and 2) the information will be retained electronically and in a book for reference in the County Clerk's office.

ESTRAY ACT (Stray Livestock):

The Texas Agriculture Code, Section 142 provides for a method of disposing estray livestock. The Office of Sheriff has the authority to capture and impound all stray livestock, prepare a notice of estray, file the notice with the county clerk, publish notice of the impoundment in a newspaper of general circulation at least twice during a 15 day period and post notice on the public notice board of the courthouse.

If the owner of the estray is not determined or claimed before the 18th day, the sheriff shall cause the estray to be sold at a public sale or auction and a report of the sale is filed with the county clerk.

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